Moving to a New City Alone – Best US Cities for Singles

Starting life on your own is not a small decision to make. And if you want to venture into some exciting unknown places, you will need some tips for moving to a new city alone. But most importantly, you should choose your future location wisely.

Five Suburbs of Chicago You Should Consider Settling In

As the 21st century progresses, more and more people of all ages are looking to settle in suburban areas. If you are one of them, Chicagoland may be the perfect area to look at when moving cross-country. There are many nice suburbs of Chicago to choose from, and here you will be presented with some of the best places to live near Chicago.

Bubble Wrap vs. Packing Paper – When Is It Best to Use Each Material?

If you’re completely set on the idea of packaging all of the household goods by yourself, you’ll want to find out which materials you should utilize for the best result. When you want to use the quality supply, it all comes down to bubble wrap vs. packing paper – so which is better? We can help you find out the answer.

How to Perform a Proper Move Out Cleaning

You might be thinking that as soon as your cross-country movers arrive and pack up your belongings, you are free to leave your keys and move to another location. But, before movers even arrive, you should organize a move-out cleaning day. Leaving a spotless home is key to executing a stress-free move. Follow our instructions on how to leave your home tidy and clean.

Everything You Need to Know About Living in Boston

Are you thinking about hiring cross-country moving services and relocating to the beautiful capital of Massachusetts? Then stick around as we will provide you with all the important information about living in Boston. Relocating without doing research beforehand is never sensible since you have to make sure that the location will suit you.

Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

Being the third largest and one of the most populous cities in the USA, it is no surprise that Chi-town is a popular location for college graduates who are looking to start their careers. In this article, we will present you with the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals. If you are thinking about moving cross-country to Chi-town, there is bound to be a neighborhood that will suit all your needs.

Moving to Another State Checklist 101

Have you been asking yourself  – what do I need to do before I move? You’ve been trying to find the most reputable long-distance moving company and prepare your belongings for the move? If you are unsure whether you are doing everything correctly, our moving to another state checklist will guide you through the whole process with ease. Let’s begin.

9 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Portland

Different, unusual, or even eccentric are all adjectives that can describe this city – after all, you should expect nothing less when the city’s slogan is Keep Portland Weird. Unique lifestyle and atypical mindset guarantee that you’ll have plenty of things to do in Portland, Oregon, after the move. But how to make a choice between countless engaging activities?

When and How Much to Tip Movers

It’s common courtesy in the USA to acknowledge the service that has been provided to you. The same applies when hiring a cross-country moving company. But you may be wondering how much to tip movers, especially if you are moving cross-country for the first time. Although there is a national standard of 15%, various factors can potentially lower or raise the tips.

How to Move Safely While Covid is Around

During these troubling times of Covid-19, standard practices like relocating have had to adapt to the current circumstances. In order to move safely, cross-country movers have adapted their services according to the Covid-19 regulations. Moving cross-country is still perfectly possible, but there are certain procedures that all long-distance movers have implemented and that you have to be aware of when hiring them.

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