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Best Tips on How to Store Christmas Ornaments and Save Them for the Next Season

Now that Christmas has passed, it’s very useful to know how to store Christmas ornaments the right way so that they remain pretty and shiny for the next year. Organizing, wrapping, and protecting your decorations will help you keep them in one piece for a long time and you’ll be able to unpack them easily when the next season comes.

How to Stop Getting Mail for Previous Residents?

Are you tired of receiving somebody else’s letters? Then you need to learn how to stop getting mail for previous residents. It could be a one time mistake, but if you notice that it’s happening over and over again, that means that the post office isn’t updated on the former tenants’ relocation.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Pack Plates for Moving

Whoever lost a favorite mug or any other valuable tableware during the move can tell the importance of keeping breakables properly wrapped and protected. That’s why learning how to pack plates for moving is an essential part of every DIY relocation. When you master it, handling other delicate objects will be a piece of cake.

5 Indispensable Tips on Moving Furniture

What’s the most important step when moving furniture? To be organized and know the right system of loading into the moving truck. You might be thinking that it can’t possibly be that difficult, but those who have gone through the relocation process know what the catch is.

How to Handle Coronavirus Self-Isolation While Waiting for Your Move

The ongoing outbreak of coronavirus has so far nearly toppled the stock market, canceled all sports events, and forced many of us to sit at home and wait for the storm to pass. It has put people’s health and livelihoods at risk and disrupted the plans of millions of Americans, including those who will relocate in the following days or weeks.

Packing Paper for Moving – How to Use It

What is packing paper for moving used for? It is a highly versatile and essential material for protecting your belongings and ensuring safe transport. Its use mostly comes down to two options: wrapping items and cushioning them in a box. Its purpose in the relocation process is to protect the surface of your belongings, to shield them from vibrations and shocks in a moving truck, and to prevent them from hitting one another in a box.

How to Estimate the Value of Household Goods?

Perhaps you want to know the worth of your furniture and other possessions before you send them off with the movers. If that is the case, you may be wondering how to estimate the value of household goods. We offer some handy tips on how to establish the worth of your belongings, from making an item inventory list to using internet calculators and appraisal experts.

How to Move a Gun Safe

Regardless of the type of valuables you have, a safe can be the perfect place to keep your items and even your guns protected in your house. Most people are afraid to transport this heavy and dangerous cargo. However, by following our how to move a gun safe guideline, you can ensure a seamless transition and devise a doable method of transport.

How to Move a Shed Without a Struggle

Is there anything better for the storage of your goods than a shed in the backyard? The sheds are an excellent substitute for a garage or storage, and with all the space they have, you can store almost anything from your home inside. However, you have to learn how to move a shed if you decide to relocate, and you want to have your entire household moved to another address. Don’t worry, when there’s a will, there’s a way! Just because you have decided to relocate, it doesn’t mean you have to leave anything behind, especially not the shed.

How to Use Bubble Wrap When Packing for a Move

You have just started the preparations for your upcoming relocation, and you are worried about the packing process. So many items to protect – where do you even begin? Don’t think about the sheer number of items, make sure you have the right moving supplies and learn how to use bubble wrap to protect your goods. It will be the answer to all your prayers – this inexpensive and highly-protective material reduces the possibility of shipping damage and keeps your fragile and less fragile items safe during the transport.

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