Are you planning on getting married and having children sooner or later, but the place you currently live in doesn’t quite seem like an environment where kids could have a happy and healthy childhood, sheltered from all the noise and trouble of the grownup world? But now you came to the crucial issue and wonder what qualities should the best cities to raise a family in the US have. Before picking the spot to settle down, do your research and get a more profound insight into all the things families deem important like low crime rates, kid-friendly activities, quality educational institutions, and affordable housing.

Even though it can be tricky and challenging, cross-country relocation doesn’t have to be chaotic. Well, at least not once you learn some of the best moving hacks to make the entire process run smoothly. We understand just how overwhelming and emotionally demanding uprooting your life may feel. Plus, there are those move-related tasks waiting for you to take care of them. No wonder you start feeling anxious and stressed-out. But we are here to help.

What are the major contributors to the cost of living in Boston? Is it expensive to live there, and how much money do you need to earn to afford a decent life in the famous Athens of America? No matter how tempting it may seem, moving to Boston requires getting familiar with the common everyday expenses and hammering out a viable newcomer’s budget.


Do you know what the most interesting thing about the capital of Massachusetts is? It is one of the best cities in America and the world – from food and nature to quality of life and top-rated schools in Boston.

There are many good reasons for moving to Austin, such as affordable housing, beautiful weather, live music performances, and of course, the food. If you want to feel like you truly belong in the Texas capital, you should get familiar with the best restaurants in Austin and their rich offer of mouthwatering delicacies. It will take some time, but if you’re a real foodie, you already know it’ll pay off.

Is there a better way to celebrate the start of your new life in the capital of Colorado than to visit some of the best restaurants in Denver and have a tasty meal and a glass (or pint) of your favorite drink? If you’re a newcomer, you should know that there are two quintessential things here: basketball and food. And if you consider yourself a real foodie, don’t worry; you’re not going to stay hungry in this city for too long. Let’s check out what’s good in the Mile High City beside the Nuggets.

If you’re planning to relocate to the capital of Texas, known as one of the sunniest cities in America with a fantastic culture and friendly locals, you should get familiar with the Austin cost of living and plan your budget accordingly. Luckily, we’re here with the numbers you need.

Are you looking forward to relocating to one of the warmest winter locations in the US? Before you jump on the bandwagon, go over the cost of living in Miami and see just how much money you will need to live in Magic City.

Have you decided to relocate to the Emerald City? However, you’re still having second thoughts because you’re not sure how good Seattle public schools really are? We have some good news for you – Seattle’s schooling system is highly rated as one of the best districts in the state of Washington. Whether you’re looking for a good preschool, elementary, middle, or high school, you can be sure you’ll find it somewhere within the area.

What do Beervana, Rip City, Stumptown, City of Churches, Little Beirut, and City of Roses have in common? They are all nicknames for the same place. That’s right – Portland, Oregon, has several monikers that allude to its diversity and uniqueness. You can only imagine how tricky picking the best neighborhoods in Portland can be given the sheer number of distinct, picturesque communities that are part of the only directly elected metropolitan planning organization in the US. Luckily, we’re here to help with your search.