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Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

How to Keep Clothes From Wrinkling – The Best Pro Tips

We all know that house chores can be a very time-consuming and tedious process. However, we have to perform them, if not every day, then every week. Learning how to keep your clothes from wrinkling is one of the first steps that will help you spare some of your precious moments even after you iron your fabrics.

Hanging clothes ready for cross country moving Keeping your garments and laundry dry and straight is essential

If you take into consideration that an average American spends even four months of their life ironing, you’re probably thinking about how to keep shirts from wrinkling and what are the most useful tips for doing it efficiently. If you’re in a military move or you decided to move for a relationship, there are many things you have to keep in mind. However, no matter if you’re moving or just want to make your life easier and not thinking every day about your wrinkled fabrics, you should learn some amazing hacks and not giving up on your outfits just because you don’t have enough time to iron. Here are some of the tips and steps you can take and ensure your wardrobe is ready for you to wear.

Why Are My Clothes Always Wrinkled – Learning How to Keep Your Clothing and Laundry Dry

There are many reasons why your wardrobe doesn’t remain neat like from the store. The first reason is the actual materials and how they behave after washing and drying. If you don’t know how to check if the fabric is wrinkle-prone, you can do a quick test directly in the store, before you even buy it. Take a corner of the laundry or any other fabric and crush it in your hand for 30 seconds. If they remain in the same conditions, you’re on a good track to be free from ironing.

Wrinkle-resistant materials are an excellent solution if you don’t want to spend your time ironing every time you open your closet. The same thing is for those who moved or are planning to move. Imagine you have to iron after you successfully unpacked and not spending that free time resting and adjusting to the new environment. So, the materials like polyester, lycra, and nylon are what you’re looking for. The good news is that nowadays, these materials feel like natural fabric (cotton, wool, Tencel, and cashmere,) and have better performance – they’re anti-microbial and quick-drying.

Wrinkled fabric hanging on the sun Getting materials that are hard to crease are a great solution because ironing your laundry can be very tedious

Knowing How to Prevent Wrinkles in Clothes Can Be a Real Lifesaver

Even if you love to do the ironing part, no one wants to deal with those wrinkles more than once a day, right? So, knowing how to get those creases away from your wardrobe is essential, especially if you’re in a last-minute move and you have a million things on your mind, from setting your moving budget to figuring out what is the cheapest period of the year to move.

How Do I Stop My Clothes from Wrinkling – Use a Dryer

No matter the reasons for your move, you know how a dryer can be useful if you decided to move during winter. However, you should first learn how the dryer works and not end up asking yourself why are my clothes so wrinkled after drying. Each dryer is different, and that’s why it’s better to read the manual, but one of the most important steps is to choose the correct dryer cycle and unload clothing correctly. Wait a few minutes after the dryer is done and then fold your wardrobe correctly and avoid forming creases.

De-Wrinkle Spray – The Best Hack for Effortless Straightening

De-wrinkle spray is a great option when you don’t have enough time for ironing. You can find it in many markets, and they are low maintenance. The only thing you need is distilled water. However, if you’re looking to save some money, you can make it at home. Use water and clothing softener and mix them. It’s very handy if you’re traveling, so you can mark it as one of the relocation essentials when hiring a cross-country moving company.

Steamer Will Make Wrinkles Go Away

A steamer is a great thing to use and dry any kind of fabric because you’ll be done in no time, and you’ll put the minimum effort into it. After steaming, the important thing is to leave your wardrobe to hang for a couple of minutes because that way, you’ll reduce the possibility of additional wrinkles. You can watch the video below and learn the easiest way to work with the steamer.

How to Keep Clothes from Wrinkling and Spare Yourself Plenty of Time

The essential step if you’re wondering how do you keep your shirt from wrinkling when sitting is to ensure all your clothing is completely dry. When they are, you’re halfway to prevent not only your shirt but also any other material from wrinkles. Here are some other tips you can use:

  • Organize closets and drawers – overloaded closets and drawers are never a good option if you want to avoid wrinkled fibers on your materials.
  • Learn how to fold and prevent wrinkles – if you’re using a dryer, wait a few minutes before folding. The heat and water are the greatest reason why fiber is creasing, so make sure it is completely dry and use these simple steps on how to pack clothes wrinkle-free.
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Check Some of the Greatest Methods of Packing Your Fabrics and Avoid Wrinkles

If you’re dealing with moving stress, you probably want to know all the useful tips for keeping all of your materials straight, no matter if you hired professional cross-country movers or not. Let’s look at some of the most effective methods:

  • A portable clothing rack when using long-distance moving services- one of the most efficient methods to stop creasing your dresses, suits, and shirts.
  • A bundle wrap for your clothing – bundle wrapping is one of the techniques that can help your garments remain not wrinkled. Try the bundle wrap method yourself, and you’ll see it’s an efficient one.
  • Army roll method – the crucial thing to know is that you shouldn’t fold but roll your garments. There are no rough creases when rolling any kind of material, even the laundry.
Rolled up material on a table Rolling instead of folding should be something to keep in mind when you're trying not to waste time on ironing

Hire Reliable Long Distance Moving Company While You’re Figuring out How to Keep Clothes Wrinkle Free

If you’re in the middle of cross-country relocation and don’t have too much time to think about all the cross-country moving services, such as packing service and also storage facility, let the professional long-distance movers take care of them. That way, you’ll have more moments to think about your new home and is car shipping a good idea.


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