Depression After Moving – The Psychology of Relocating

Believe it or not, in 12% of all psychiatric consultations all across America, adjustment disorder is diagnosed, and depression after moving is one of the common causes of it. Adjustment to new environments is a complex process that entails many changes, and people can usually feel like they are not capable of dealing with it, although they initiated and wanted the relocation. Ending up feeling sad, confused, anxious, and depressed can be the consequence of current feelings and improper mental and emotional preparation.

How to Save Money to Move – Best Budgeting Tips

If you already know you’re relocating, you’re probably aware that it will cost a bunch. Perhaps you have it planned, but learning how to save money to move wouldn’t hurt. That’s why we offer you the best tips that could save you a coin or two.

The Ultimate Moving Guide for 2021

Cross Country Moving Company’s ultimate moving guide has all you need for a smooth and hassle-free relocation. Read it and become a relocation expert.

The Perks of Moving to a Small Town

Wherever we move, we like to go into it prepared and armed with information. But those who never lived in a less populated area should have a thorough understanding of what moving to a small town means. It will be different in many ways, so it’s best to know what to expect.

How to Check if a Moving Company is Legitimate and Avoid Scams

If you plan to move soon and want to find reliable cross-country movers, it’s essential to know how to check if a moving company is legitimate. Relocations are demanding and complex and hard to pull without help. Being backed up by professionals makes this daunting process effortless, but it’s crucial to avoid being scammed.

What is Adjustment Insomnia and How to Deal With It When Moving Cross Country?

Lack of sleep can impact a person’s life, but there is more to this condition than people realize. Approximately 70 million Americans have some kind of sleeping disorder, and almost 30% of adults experience short-termed or adjustment insomnia during their lifetime.

How to Unpack After Moving – Best Tips and Tricks

When we relocate, we think about and focus on many things, but we usually don’t consider how to unpack after moving and whether it can be done systematically. However hard it was to pack, unpacking can be more than overwhelming. That’s why you need to beat procrastination.

Benefits of Moving to Another State – How to Embrace Change and Grow as a Person

The first thing that pops into one’s mind about why people move across the country is either a job opportunity or love. On average, Americans move 12 times in their lifetime, and as you can figure, there are many benefits of moving aside from the reasons we mentioned. For example, health or better housing are just some of them.

The Only Moving To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

You probably think that being organized when relocating is mission impossible, but it’s quite simple with a thorough moving to-do list. Although time-consuming and unfamiliar, there’s no need to be afraid of all those countless tasks awaiting because we’re here to help you get around them step by step.

6 Tips for Moving in Together

Planning to take your relationship to a new level and starting to live with your significant other is a huge step. It brings plenty of excitement, and it also drives a handful of mixed feelings and some common fears. However, moving in together is a step many couples gladly take.