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The battle against hunger in America continues

As we are halfway through 2018 and have more and more people relocating, we are delighted to have made one of our first milestones in the Move for Hunger movement. We have officially collected enough food to provide 5000 meals! This is a positive movement that makes the job of relocating just that much better, because we get to do what we do best and fight hunger in America, by helping feed someone in the process. We at Cross Country Movers are thrilled and very thankful to all the clients that have taken part in the Move for Hunger initiative by donating food when relocating with us. Our joined efforts are making a difference to those that really need it and it’s all thanks to you.

Move for Hunger movement continues

What we are fighting – Hunger in America

Hunger is usually something that we associate with third world countries. The United States is so associated with wealth and progress that many people are unaware that hunger is a widespread problem. It is estimated that around 41 million Americans struggle with hunger. Many of which are at or below the federal poverty line. To make matters worse it is estimated that around 13 million of the people affected by hunger are children.
Families under the poverty line are more likely to be food insecure. A food insecure household is a home that does not have access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. People affected don’t know where their next meal is coming from and usually rely on the kindness of those who have donated to food banks. Food Havens are the only certainty that they have to fall back on for food.

Long term effects of malnutrition

Many studies show that those affected by hunger are usually more susceptible to sickness, injuries, depression. Not to mention the numerous tolls that food deprivation causes on the body. An absence of the right nutrients can prove to be devastating in the long run. Food is what the body uses to get nutrients. These nutrients are used to build up and keep the body running, if they are not present it causes delayed development on a cognitive, social and emotional level as well as physical weakness and fatigue. These consequences are frightening in the long run since they do not only affect the individual on a day to day basis but also work as a vicious cycle keeping them from escaping poverty and the cycle itself.

Move for Hunger battles hunger in America

Move for Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with moving companies nationwide. They are currently partnered with around 1000 moving companies and serve all 50 states. Cross Country Movers is glad to say that we are pushing our first year partnership with the organization.This movement aims to help the less fortunate in need of some assistance, get back on their feet. As you may or may not know, many people tend to purge when moving. This involves getting rid of a lot of stuff that they don’t intend to take with them across the country.

Unfortunately, this involves food that could be put to a better purpose. Move for Hunger helps moving companies give back to the community by collecting food items that are most times thrown away and put them to good use by delivering them to food banks for those who could use them. These donations come at no expense to the clients and help put food on the table for a person or family in need.

How can you help?

As we mentioned we have been able to provide 5000 meals, utilizing our moving services and with the generosity and kind hearts of our clients. 5000 meals is a lot of food, but it is just the beginning of a long fight. Anybody moving with us who has some excess food that they don’t want to take to their new home are welcome to give to the cause. Hiring our moving services will give you the ability to fight hunger in the U.S. by donating non- perishable food on their moving day. This service will not cost you a penny, will help you get rid of food that you would probably throw away and will provide a meal for someone in need.

Non-perishable food that Move for Hunger accept are:

  • Canned and frozen meats and fish
  • Rice, flour, and sugar in moderate quantities
  • Canned fruit in their own juice or water
  • Canned vegetables with no or little sodium
  • Pasta, either dried or canned
  • Canned meals (such as beans, low-sodium soups, and stews)
  • Peanut and other nut butters
  • Crackers, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, and other healthy, non-perishable snacks
  • Canned foods with pop-top lids
  • Olive and canola oil
  • Whole-grain low sugar cereals
  • Honey

Food that is not accepted

Please note that Move for Hunger does not accept food that can easily get spoiled. They also don’t accept sweets, sodas or food in glass containers. If you wish to contribute food and are unsure if it will be accepted, feel free to contact our representatives for more information.

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