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    Relocating to the Western United States comes with countless benefits and reasons to celebrate this shift. And if the “Beehive State” is your chosen destination, be sure to hire the most trustworthy Utah movers. Get a free quote through our website and take a glance at the reviews when making your choice. CCMC can be your most committed ally, whether you decide to move to this state or start over someplace else.

    The Best Moving Services From Our Cross-Country Movers in Utah

    Once you’ve chosen a city and home, you should determine whether you’ll move on your own or get professional long-distance moving services. It is always best to safely transport all of your belongings with the help of experts. Still, picking a reliable crew to move your household and ship your vehicle isn’t that simple. Learn how to spot red flags and avoid moving scams timely. Read the reviews, request a quote, and find the most dependable team.

    By choosing to pair up with Cross Country Moving Company, you’ll feel secure, comfortable, and the entire process will be efficient. Get a free quote through our website and discuss your needs and budget with our representatives. They’ll give you a more precise estimate based on a full list of the household items you want to move. You’ll be able to revise the list up to 24 hours before the relocation day.

    Get Professional Packing Services from Cross-Country Moving Company

    Getting packed and ready for a new location is thrilling but exhausting. If you don’t plan it correctly, it can take up a lot of your time. Moreover, some slip-ups that can occur when you pack can drive additional costs. So determine which items you’ll pack and take to your next home. When you sort your possessions and purge your belongings, the rest of the packing process will run smoothly.

    Still, relying on professional packers is possibly the best scenario for you. CCMC offers a flexible and affordable packing service. But before we discuss it in more detail, here is what comes free of charge:

    • Dealing with furniture, electronics, and all massive items,
    • Disassembling and reassembling these objects,
    • Packaging them into fitting materials and protecting them,
    • Loading and unloading bulky objects to and from the moving truck.

    All of these assignments are a part of the basic moving service provided by our company. However, if you choose to ask for help with the items that can fit into a standard-sized box, that will add to the final fee.

    Our Long-Distance Movers Offer a Partial and Full Packing Service

    Besides managing heavy furniture and breaking it into smaller pieces, our professional movers in Utah offer assistance with smaller items. Getting a helping hand with fragile possessions, smaller objects, or appliances qualifies you for one of the two types of packing services. If your needs include placing the items into 15 boxes or more, you will receive a full-service. Anything less than that is considered a partial service. Contact us and let us know about your precise necessities and aims.

    Safe Car Shipping Services Provided by CCMC

    Saving some more time and adding another level of safety is what everyone hopes for when relocating. Whether you choose Salt Lake City or another town in the state, you should do all you can to reach your destination smoothly and securely. Having that in mind, it is best to use reliable car shipping services.

    Assigning the important duty of taking care of your vehicle to the pros will save you a lot of energy and effort. You can simply book a flight and reach your chosen place safely without having to drive the whole distance. More importantly, auto transport includes more than just a single service when you hire CCMC. We offer two types of car carriers and two pick-up and delivery solutions.

    Do You Need an Open or Enclosed Trailer?

    Choosing the right transportation option is crucial. When selecting a type of truck, most customers base their decision on their relocation budget. If a cost-friendly yet secure carrier is what you seek, picking an open trailer is your best choice. This sort of car shipping trailer is unquestionably the most popular one.

    However, if you want to ship a collectible or a rare imported car, it is recommended to select the enclosed trailer. That way, no road dust, dirt, or any external influence will harm the outer parts of your car.

    Before we proceed, regardless of the type of transport you’ve chosen, there are a few things we must do for extra security:

    • Collect all the information regarding your vehicle and archive it,
    • Gather close-up photos of your car, showcasing any lumps, scratches, or another kind of damage to its surface,
    • Urge you to take your personal belongings out of the vehicle.

    If you’d like to hear more about car shipping, get in touch with our representatives.

    Will You Choose Door-to-door or Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Shipping?

    Where do you want to collect your vehicle? If you need it delivered to your doorstep, the first pick-up and delivery option, door-to-door shipping, will work like a charm for you. In that case, we’d pick your car up in front of your old residence. After that, we’ll bring it immediately to your new address.

    Terminal-to-terminal shipping works a bit differently. Our team will collect your car at one of our stations in your old area. Then, we will ship it off to another station near your new place.

    CCMC Gives You 30 Days of Free Storage

    How long did it take for you to plan out the whole move correctly? Experts think that you should start planning at least 60 days in advance. When you were taking all relevant steps into consideration, did you think about getting a suitable storage unit?

    One of the most common problems people face when relocating is that their homes aren’t all set when their boxes and furniture arrive. Think ahead and explore your options. If you need safe, monitored, and climate-controlled storage, look no further. CCMC has it all covered. And there’s more to it – we offer 30 days of free storage to each customer.

    Moreover, if you want to remove your belongings from our units when the trial period is over, you can do so with no further obligations or repercussions. And if you’re going to keep on using our storage, you can continue doing so for a fee.

    Explore Our Moving Insurance Packages

    Positive reviews, competitive prices, and vast industry experience are significant when picking the right long-distance movers. Still, some minor slip-ups are possible even with the most skillful crew. Moves are always challenging, and some belongings might get scratched or damaged. Even though these incidents are infrequent, CCMC keeps its customers safe by offering several moving insurance packages.

    Before continuing, be sure to learn about the items cross-country movers aren’t allowed to transport according to the law. These forbidden things include anything hazardous, explosive, or flammable. Contact us to receive a full list of these items and dispose of all potentially dangerous products properly before proceeding.

    Basic Cross-Country Moving Insurance

    Each customer must get the mandatory liability insurance coverage from us. This essential package comes with a fixed amount, and it covers 60 cents per pound of goods that have gotten damaged or lost throughout the process. The cost of this insurance is included in our initial quote.

    Full Value Replacement Insurance and Custom Crating

    Do you have any belongings that demand special treatment and an extra layer of safety? If you do, learn more about the FVRI (full value replacement insurance) package. This type of moving insurance is more costly than the basic one. However, it is more extensive, and it grants a higher remuneration in case of any damage. It covers each item packed by our squad. Keep in mind that it doesn’t cover the possessions you have packed yourself.

    If there’s any breakable or sensitive item you’d like to place inside a special type of box, CCMC can offer you custom crating. The cost of these wooden crates will be added to your final fee.

    Auto Shipping Insurance

    Whichever type of car you own, its safety is invaluable. As secure auto shipping is both yours and our top priority, we always add some precautionary measures to it. With car shipping insurance, you can stay stress-free while we handle the whole process. The enclosed trailer entails $500,000-worth of insurance, while the open trailer is covered by an amount of $100,000.

    Get Ready for the Beehive State

    This state in the Mountain West subregion is one of the least densely inhabited regions. This implies that those who move to Utah usually direct their attention toward one of the two main areas – the Wasatch Front, where the state capital Salt Lake City is located, or Washington County.

    Relocating here is a great choice because of the state’s diverse economy. The most advanced industries and niches here include transportation, education, IT, science and research, and various government services. Lastly, tourism and hospitality are on the constant rise. Its five national parks are visited by more than 10 million people annually.

    Eight national monuments and countless trails and recreational opportunities are some of the other common reasons people get enticed by this region in a split second. Although the state’s population is primarily concentrated around two regions, the entire state’s population grew by 18.4% over the past decade. Do you feel ready to explore more of it?

    Visit Salt Lake City and Choose the Right Area

    The state capital, Salt Lake City, is the seat of the county with the same name, and it is home to over 200,000 people. It was founded in 1847 by early settlers, and their prime mission was to irrigate the soil and make this region fully livable. This task was challenging back then since the territory is known for its arid valley and superbly hot weather. Later on, the city got a nickname – the Crossroads of the West, due to the railroad built here. This period shaped up a bright future for the area.

    Nowadays, the housing expenses here are 8% lower than the national average. Gas and utilities are also very affordable, and the median household price is around $320,000.

    Some of the safest and most cost-effective neighborhoods include:

    • Sugar House, an area suitable for young professionals, filled with single-family homes and with a median real estate price of $420,000.
    • Downtown, a trendy and vivid neighborhood with hip restaurants and bars and several nicely arranged parks. Its median price of real estate is $395,000.
    • East Liberty Park, a place that breathes out the suburban feel and is made of cottages, craftsman bungalows, and affordable apartments. The median amount those who seek homes for sale will have to collect is around $492,000.

    Contact CCMC Utah Movers and Book Our Services From or to the State

    Save your time when relocating to or from Utah by contacting the best team. Cross Country Moving Company can help you out with any part of the process. Check all the positive reviews we have been collecting over the years, get a free quote, and book a simple and trouble-free move ASAP, regardless of whether you’re leaving the state or starting over here. Contact us and reach your chosen location swiftly.

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