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Your Cross Country Move to Santa Cruz

If you started packing boxes for moving to Santa Cruz, rest assured that your moving truck is going in the right direction. There is an unmeasurable amount of good things about Santa Cruz, and these are some of them. 

Everyone says “Hello” 

Santa Cruz is a large city. Despite that, it has managed to retain its small-town vibe. One of the best remainders of this vibe is that everyone in Santa Cruz is friendly. Forget about the frowning faces during rush hours or people looking at you like you are crazy if you smile at them. Santa Cruz is all about friendliness, which is highly appreciated both by movers and tourists.

It is a place of unbelievable scenery

Santa Cruz has a beautiful ocean landscape surrounded by redwood forests and mountains. There are many phenomenal beaches to spend sunny days at, such as - Cowell Beach, Seabright Beach, Natural Bridges State Beach, Twin Lake State Beach, Four Mile Beach and many more! To learn more about all the local Santa Cruz beaches, click here . If you enjoy long walks, Santa Cruz has numerous fantastic parks speckled all over the city. These include Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Castle Rock State Park, Natural Bridges State Park, and many more. To find out more about all of the breath-taking parks of Santa Cruz, click here . 

Great for families and artists

Santa Cruz is not too lively of a city. It does not have a crazy nightlife and is generally not too loud. This makes the city perfect for raising a family. In addition to this, there are numerous family activities to choose from, such as spending the day at the beach or taking your little ones to meet the monarchs (we’re talking about the butterflies). To find more family activities in Santa Cruz, click here . As far as art goes, it should suffice to say that Santa Cruz is home to the magnificent Santa Cruz Art League. Find out more here . 

The weather is perfect 

The sun is very persistent in Santa Cruz and it shines nonstop. . So before you start packing your things, why not organize a garage sale and get rid of all the winter clothes? Santa Cruz gets around thirty inches of rainfall a year, which means that you can sell that umbrella too. To get more information about the weather in Santa Cruz, click here .

It is an organic food capital

Local restaurants in Santa Cruz are very organically and non–GMO oriented. This means that they offer healthy, homemade, and otherwise tasty choices. Here are our suggestions for eating out:
If you like going out for breakfast, the best place to go is Zachary’s . It is rumored to have the best pancakes in Santa Cruz and beyond.
If you love a good burger, head to Surfrider Cafe , where you can try their legendary old-school burgers, as well as amazing craft beer.
If you are more of a pizza lover, you are bound to be swept off your feet by Bantam’s amazing pizza .
For a good beer to wash the pizza down with, we suggest visiting Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery .
If you need something to cool down on a hot summer day, why not head to Marianne’s  and try one of their delicious ice-creams. Bittersweet chocolate with a little bit of lemon custard is our favorite combo. If you are on a strict diet, don’t worry - Marianne’s has sugar-free flavors as well.
If you are vegetarian of vegan, we are convinced that Saturn Cafe  will soon become your favorite place for dining out.

If you are an outdoor person, you will love it

Though it radiates peacefulness, Santa Cruz is not sleepy at all. This is a city made especially for active people, with countless outdoor activities to pick from. Just choose between hiking in the Redwoods, world-class surfing, sailing, Frisbee and golf. And it is a very bike-friendly county. Keep that in mind when you start packing - it would be a shame not to have a bicycle in a city like this. If you want to explore Santa Cruz and its surroundings on two wheels, head over to this site  to plan your route and get more information.

We could go on and on blabbing about Santa Cruz and all its beauties, but the truth is, reading about it doesn’t come close to experiencing it first hand. We encourage you to go ahead and explore Santa Cruz yourself. There are tons of little known secrets and fascinating places just waiting to be discovered. 
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