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New York during the sunset
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    Moving cross-country to New York City is a big deal and finding trustworthy, and professional Manhattan movers to ease the transition process will be more than helpful. Here are all the services our Manhattan moving company provides so you can relax and enjoy a stressless relocation experience to NYC.

    Cross Country Moving Company Offer Exceptional Manhattan Moving Services

    There are various kinds of assistance covered within our cross-country moving services, and the thing our customers love most about it is reliability in terms of price calculation. Namely, once you provide us with an inventory list, you’ll get a guaranteed price, which means there won’t be additional charges or unexpected surprises unless you change the said list.

    We base our prices on the number of items you have on your inventory list, which is completely adjustable until 24 hours before your designated relocation date.

    Packing Services Are Also a Part of the Deal

    As expected, boxing up the household will be the central part of your relocation, and it will take you the most time and patience. For that reason, we included packing assistance in our basic moving quote. This basic packing service implies it is free of charge and that our experienced cross-country movers will:

    • Disassemble and reassemble all furniture pieces you put on the inventory list,
    • Get all necessary packaging supplies for bulky furniture pieces like sofa or mattresses covers,
    • Load and unload all the pieces in the truck – even those boxes you have packed,
    • Label all the boxes properly by putting electronic barcodes on them to prevent your stuff from mixing up in the storage.

    Need Additional Help With Boxing Up? Movers from Manhattan Can Provide You With Partial and Full Packing Services

    In case you need extra help with packing your household, Cross Country Moving Company professional long-distance movers will assist you on this task too. Partial packing service means we will pack a maximum of 15 boxes, while every additional box will be counted as full packing service. These services are great if you have any fragile, delicate pieces of a family heirloom or valuable items since our highly-trained movers know each hack to pack them safely!

    Also, if you have some delicate musical instruments or pieces of art on your packaging list, we offer an extra paid service of custom crating. Just make sure to contact your dedicated agent and provide exact measures so that our team can make the crate in time and give you a quote.

    Movers from Manhattan, NY Will Take Care of The Vehicle, Providing You With Best Car Shipping Services

    Auto-shipping services are another specialty of ours, designed to help everyone to ship their four-wheeler to the next home address. We can do it both on an open or enclosed trailer, which will depend on the type of vehicle you possess. Once you provide us with all the necessary information, our dedicated agents will help you pick the best option for your car and ship it safely to the next destination of your choice.

    Also, keep in mind that you’re able to choose the pick-up and delivery dates and locations. We can take your car right in front of your door which is known as a door-to-door pick-up and delivery option, and which is the most convenient one in terms of time. The second option is terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery, which is always a more affordable one, but which demands your effort too.

    Cross-Country Moving Company Provide 30 Days Free Storage to All Its Clients

    All clients who need additional storage facilities to keep their stuff there until their new house is ready are provided with a one-month free storage deal. And this is something you won’t find with other moving companies in Manhattan, NYC. Our storage facility is fully equipped with 24/7 video surveillance, an automated system that records goods and prevents any loss or mixing up, and a temperature control system that keeps your items safe from water damage or mold.

    Free Insurance for Your Stuff Is Included in Our Manhattan Moving Service

    Once loaded on the truck of our long-distance moving company, all your possessions are insured with mandatory coverage liability, which is free of charge. This implies that all your items in case of damage will be covered with 60 cents per damaged goods.

    In case you want additional coverage, which is highly recommended if there are pricey items on your list, we also provide full-value replacement coverage. This policy means we will cover the full value of the damaged item in case of any inconveniences.

    Welcome to Manhattan, the Center of the World, and the Most Exclusive Part of New York City

    People all around the globe dream of relocating to Manhattan, and if this is one of your life goals too, our long-distance moving company will help you make it! Located on Manhattan Island and the banks of the Hudson River, MAN is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in New York City.

    Aside from the fact this location will allow you to commute without using public transportation, or the incredible vicinity to Central park, there are also almost endless job opportunities waiting.  The presence of some of the best companies in the world, great prospects of career growth are definitely reasons why young Americans still strive to go to MAN.

    High Salaries and Costs of Living Are Something to Expect When Living in Manhattan

    The thing Manhattan is famous for are high salaries and costs of living. The average salary equals around $6,000. On the other hand, to keep up with all the costs without paying rent, a single person will need around $1,375, while a family of four will have to set aside $5,000 a month.

    To rent a one-bedroom apartment out of the city center, you’ll need around $3,680 on a monthly basis, while a two-bedroom apartment will cost you around $4,500.

    Looking For One of the Best Moving Companies in Manhattan to Move You From the Area? We Can Do That as Well

    In case your goal is to move out of Manhattan NYC to some other place in America, our Cross Country Moving Company, which is recognized as one of the best Manhattan moving companies, can assist you with this too. Just make sure to contact us in advance and ask for a free quote, and our team will start working on your request immediately.

    Finding a good job in New York is easy, even close to your apartment, all you need is a way with people and skill. View on Manhattan at night NYC

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