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3 Tips on How to Know a Moving Company’s Hourly Rate

When moving to a new house that is located less than a hundred miles in the same state, you are actually relocating locally and will be charged an hourly rate. When hiring a professional mover, like Cross Country Movers, that charges by the hour, it is crucial to know what the average hourly rate is. Knowing this will present a general idea of how much it will cost to hire professional movers to carry out the relocation.

Get to know how relocation companies form a rate before hiring them

Know When Hiring a Mover Is Better Than Moving by Yourself

You figured all the reasons why you should move, picked the best time of the year to move, and decided where to move, and now it is time to get to the relocation process. When trying to figure out how much it will cost to hire a professional moving company, you must have already decided against relocating by yourself. There are three main hints to follow here:

Previous experience. If you have never organized a DIY move before and you don’t know many packing tips and tricks, then it is better to go with reputable local movers if you want to avoid common moving mistakes.
Number of helping hands. Do you have enough reliable people who can help with the move? If not, then hire professional movers as soon as you create a household inventory list, especially if you’re moving alone to another state and don’t know how to cope with stress when moving.
Relocating special items. Do you have any valuable specialty items in the house? If so, then leave the delicate job to experienced movers.

Know What Affects Movers’ Hourly Rates

The moment you hire a local moving company to relocate your belongings, time becomes a significant factor. Naturally, when being charged an hourly rate, the duration of the move will determine the final price. The average hourly rate for movers is around thirty dollars an hour for each hired worker.
Although the hourly rate for local relocations can be higher depending on the particular location and the movers themselves, you can still use the average price to get a rough idea about the expected final costs. Also, keep in mind that if you are moving during the holidays the prices can get a bit higher. That’s why before signing any papers, make sure that you get, in writing, a binding estimate from trustworthy movers.
With regular movers having an hourly rate of thirty dollars, here are the approximate local relocation prices for several different types of houses:

Studio Apartment – When packing a studio apartment and moving into a small home, two workers should be able to complete the job in around four hours, which will cost roughly two hundred dollars. This estimated cost only includes packing clothes, furniture, and other belongings, it doesn’t include additional relocation services or extra charges.
Two-Bedroom Apartment – When packing a two-bedroom apartment of a thousand square feet, three employees should complete the job in six hours, which will cost you around five hundred dollars.
Three-Bedroom Home – When packing a three-bedroom apartment, it should take four hired men eight to nine hours to complete the job. This service should cost about a thousand dollars.
Four-Bedroom House or Larger House – It should take five to six workers about ten hours to pack a four-bedroom apartment or larger house. Moving service fees for larger houses can exceed two thousand dollars. Make sure to get precise relocation estimates from reliable movers before you hire them to pack the home and consider donating unwanted items because that is a great way to reduce relocation expenses.


Check the mover’s USDOT number to verify that you are working with a reliable firm. The US Department of Transportation gives out a number that is unique for each company and helps to monitor their safety record and other information during audits and inspections. All companies that haul cargo or transport passengers across state lines have to be registered with the FMCSA and have a valid USDOT number to work legally.

Additional Rates per Hour

Although the average cost of a local relocation will give you a rough estimate, the final price will still depend on the nature and number of any extra services that have been requested as well as any additional charges you get hit with.

More Hired Movers – Each additional mover will cost an extra thirty dollars or so. The good news is that more movers should complete the move more quickly, which will reduce the total relocation time, hence the final price.
Additional Moving Services – It goes without saying that each additional moving service will increase the final price. If you want your things placed in storage until they can be brought into the new house, that will cost some extra money. If special crating services are needed for some of the more valuable items, or breakable such as expensive glassware, then the price will increase. Also, if you want to transport your car across the country, auto shipping services will come at an additional cost as well.
Extra Fees and Charges – You might get charged more if the movers have to handle bulky items or if they have to carry things up and down flights of stairs. This long carry fee is another charge you should be aware of. Just make sure that you discuss all possible expenses with the local movers before the relocation day comes around.
Additional Insurance – The basic coverage that you will receive free of charge is practically non-existent. Therefore, if you plan to move valuable items such as electronics, you are strongly advised to purchase additional insurance. You can get it either from the local movers or from an insurance company.
Tipping The Movers – Hiring movers by the hour will also mean that you are expected to tip them unless you are really dissatisfied with their work. So, it is a good idea to include tips when estimating the final price of the move.
How Much to Tip Movers? – A good rule to adhere to is to tip five dollars an hour per mover if they do a good job. If they do an outstanding job relocating your possessions, you should tip eight dollars an hour per mover. Remember to tip each hired worker individually and never give the full sum to just one person.

Now that you’ve read these three moving day tips on how to determine the movers’ hourly rate, we hope that it’ll be easier to prepare the moving budget and focus on finding a job before moving to another state and checking the safety of your future neighborhood. We recommend looking for a professional moving company rather than figuring out the cheapest way to move out of state to reduce the costs of moving. Apart from being fully equipped with packing materials for moving, experienced movers are here to help you with the move to or from anywhere in the country no matter if you are moving for a relationship or in pursuit of knowledge. Look no further than Cross Country Movers – contact our friendly representatives who will help with the relocation and will provide free relocation quotes. Call us today, and let us help you move to the new home.

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