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9 Best Restaurants in Atlanta You Have to Check Out

Almost every American big city boasts unique and iconic specialties. Atlanta is no different. If you’re moving to Atlanta and would like to keep up with foodie trends, then you should know what are the best restaurants in Atlanta. Besides fried chicken, which rates high on the list of good eats, A-Town is well-known for frozen treats and craft beers, too.

food in the restaurant ATL has plenty to offer to foodies

If your gourmet habits make you want to try all those different specialties that flood Atlanta’s dining spots, then you’ll be thrilled with A-Town’s culinary scene. Atlanta, known as “The Big Peach,” “Black Mecca,” and “Hot ‘Lanta,” has a plethora of things to boast about. Besides Coca-Cola, which was invented here, and numerous parks, walking, and biking trails, A-Town is home to some top-notch eateries, as well as cozy nooks where you can enjoy your meal.

To get to know all the unique areas and try Atlanta’s famous BBQ, pizza, burgers, fried chicken, and fried pies, we’ve narrowed down the list of the highly rated places in Big Peach. Keep reading and find your favorite setting that will satisfy your tastebuds.

#1 Some of the Best Restaurants in Atlanta Are Located in West Midtown – JCT Kitchen and Bar

West Midtown, also known as Westside, once primarily industrial, today is the location of galleries, urban lofts, retail, and eateries. If you’re craving seasonal and fresh food, with traditional farm-to-table restaurants, visit JCT Kitchen and Bar, the venue with southern standards where you can eat the best fried chicken ever and drink well-crafted Bloody Mary. With its dimly lit and relaxed but posh vibe, you’ll find your own mecca having a good time with friends or family. Order breakfast or brunch and feel all the beauty of southern fare.

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“Restaurant that Draws Generations of Families Together”

Thanks to executive chef Brian Horn who created his own food philosophy by approaching fare in a simple way using bold, balanced flavor, you can rest assured that your dinner or lunch will have the finest ingredients. Thanks to classic European techniques in preparing dishes, meals are approachable and uncomplicated to the guests. That’s why this spot attracts so many patrons willing to spend some time in a warm and friendly place.

Chinese dishes Whether you're looking for a top-notch breakfast or dinner, in JCT, you will get well-known ingredients prepared in a new way.

#2 Mandolin Kitchen

If you like big meals in the Turkish and Greek culinary style, this is the perfect venue for you. Whether you want to enjoy intimate moments or spend some fun time with your friends, Mandolin Kitchen can meet all requirements. With a friendly and welcoming staff and enjoyable ambiance, you can taste natural, fresh, and delicious specialties at a reasonable price:

  • Choban salad
  • Dolma
  • Lamb shank
  • Dorado
  • Kunefe
  • Kazandibi

A True Mediterranean Cuisine

It’s not just about flavors, smells, and ingredients, but also about the entire ambiance that resembles small, family-run tavernas in Greece. Besides typical Mediterranean dishes, such as tzatziki salad or grilled salmon, you can opt for mezze, dips and chips, as well as meat on the grill. If you’re starving and want to try something unusual and new that will literally blow your mind, try these house specialties:

  • Chicken kavurma
  • Ottoman kebab
  • Karides guvec
food in the jar Sun dried tomatoes in olive oil with bread are a must-try

#3 Victory Sandwich Bar

If you are an old-fashioned type of person who rather chooses a tasty and plentiful sandwich for lunch instead of soup or a salad, there is a fantastic place in A-Town you shouldn’t miss. Victory Sandwich Bar is trendy yet affordable, with great music, a patio, and games, mainly consisting of ping pong tables in the back. One more great thing if you pick this venue for your brunch is the possibility to select your own vegetarian sandwich.

Great Bang for the Buck

Being different in the sea of strong competitors with mouth-watering bites on offer is not easy. And if you want to achieve success with sandwiches, it might be even harder. But, looking at Victory’s sandwiches, it seems like they’ve found the right equilibrium between the price and the customer’s needs. Next time you want to mix chicken with avocado and honey dijon or smoked pork with fontina cheese, drop by Victory’s Bar and please your palate. And if you don’t have time to stay, you can order these sandwiches to go:

  • Tea bird
  • Castro
  • Bahn appetite for destruction
  • Sweet home
  • Victory at sea
  • Beeter
two hamburgers Who doesn't like a juicy and rich sandwich?

#4 Staplehouse

Have you ever heard about The Giving Kitchen? If you haven’t, with Staplehouse, you’ll find out what it’s all about. If you choose to have a meal here, but all after-tax profits will benefit The Giving Kitchen, providing emergency help to restaurant workers in crisis.

But, their story is not just about charity and humanity. Staplehouse’s menu has unique dishes and is updated monthly. With creative and surprising dishes, your dinner will become a real experience. With wine-pairing and perfectly crafted non-alcoholic pairing options, you’ll surely want to come again.

The Sake List and Smart Cocktails Crafted in the Upstairs Will Mess You Up

Trying unordinary specialties and enjoying every bite can become an even more excellent experience if you try beverage pairings. Thanks to the exceptional staff’s services and sommelier’s skills, the wines pair perfectly with each dish. In case you want an after-dinner drink, go upstairs to the Paper Crane lounge and order a cocktail crafted according to your taste.

a bar It's all about the atmosphere

#5 Miller Union

If you can’t resist a farm egg baked in celery cream, Atlanta’s iconic dish is worth visiting Miller Union. And not to mention other mouth-watering specialties, such as sliced lamb shoulder with hot pepper mayo, or pork with rutabaga mash. This rustic yet modern venue will provide you with an excellent service. The restaurant boasts an authentic approach that highlights the creative and refined way of cooking.

The Farmstead Inspired Cooking

Unusual flavor combinations change with the season so that you will be surprised by the original menu over and over. Patio seats are usually available from early summer days, providing you with an experience of a complete farm-to-table menu. Whatever you decide to taste, you’ll be thrilled with a great mix of textures and flavors – crispy on the outside and tender inside.

dish on the plate You won't find better eggs baked in celery cream anywhere else

#6 Bacchanalia

Are you looking for appealing cuisine both to the palate and eyes, pleasant staff, and elegant setting? If so, Bacchanalia is the place where gourmet’s dreams come true. Sure, the plates might be slightly pricey, but the food quality is amazing. If you’re in doubt about where to spend your special evening that it’s about to happen, with this luxury venue, you can’t go wrong. With attentive and knowledgeable staff, your evening will go smoothly and become one of the most memorable experiences.

One of the Best Contemporary American Restaurants

Bacchanalia might be considered a costly dining spot, but not without justification. It features light and creative plates with a seasonal menu based on organic ingredients from local farms. Thanks to them, you can enjoy the fresh and unique taste combined with wine pairing suggestions. A four-course prix fixe menu is suitable to choose a little bit of everything that the restaurant offers.

person eating Gourmets will enjoy it here

#7 Storico Fresco Alimentari

For Italian food lovers, Storico Fresco Alimentari is the venue to be and eat great lasagna, hanger steak, or bolognese. Spend a fun time in a pleasant environment eating really authentic Italian fare. Also, in addition to tasty bites and the most delicious pasta outside Italy, you can buy fresh pasta here. Needless to say, you can enjoy drinking your favorite cup of espresso or coffee shakerato.

A True Italian Experience for You to Enjoy

Are you in the mood for the real taste of Italia in your plate? If so, start with some of the best antipasti, and continue with pasta that literally melts in your mouth. A plethora of specialties worth trying is the real hidden gem waiting to be tried out. If you’re looking for a rich, tasty specialty, you won’t be disappointed by trying some of it: polpo alla griglia, chitarra arrabbiata, or linguine alle cozze.

food in the dish Italian cuisine is not just about pizza and plenty of cheese, but pasta and Mediterranean fare too.

#8 Arepa Mia

Venezuelan home-made dishes are a must-try. Arepa Mia is a place where you can enjoy cornmeal cake and eat it like a hamburger. Also, if you’re looking for a spot for lunch or snacks, this could be the right choice. It is definitely the option when you need something different, delicious, tasty, and traditional.

Traditional Recipes for New Generations

If you’ve ever wondered what arepas are and how they taste, this small, cozy place will give you all the answers. Arepas are small flatbreads made from cornmeal with delicious fillings inside. Also, you can order empanadas and cachapas here. The greatest thing about arepas is that they can be customized and are gluten-free. So, if fast-food, snacks, or overpriced meals are something that you want to replace with unique, rich flavored tastes, then Arepa Mia might be all you need.

rice on a dish Home-made meals are perfect for everyone

# 9 BoccaLupo

Have you ever tried American dishes mixed with Italian-specific piquancy? Visit BoccaLupo and discover the real power of tasty bites whose uniqueness comes from the ingredients. With an emphasis on seasonality and the place of origin, you can opt for Italian specialties mixed up with American components.

A Bustling Neighborhood Restaurant in Atlanta

If you’ve always wanted to try black spaghetti with shrimp and sausage, in BoccaLupo, it’s possible. This venue isn’t just an Italian lover’s dream come true, but it will meet all the locals’ needs. With fresh and house-made ingredients, you will be enchanted with great meals combined in innovative ways that will surprise even the pickiest guests.

mixed foods Specific mixture of ingredients and flavors make these meals unique

Hot ‘Lanta Has the Hottest Restaurants Ever

Whether you’re moving to a big city because of career advancement or to raise a family, you should know that you’ll have access to some of the best restaurants in Atlanta. It is named one of the best food cities in the South. Food connects people, creates a relaxed atmosphere, and helps you get closer to others. So, there’s no better way to become familiar with the capital of Georgia, its local people, and lifestyle, than by visiting dining places and trying some of the most famous Atlanta’s southern dishes.

We hope we helped you find out more about the A-Town culinary scene, which has plenty to offer. So, before you get professional moving services, do some research about prospective Atlanta neighborhoods and their dining spots. That will mean a lot to you when it comes to family or business dinners. And A-Town boasts a plethora of restaurants with excellent cuisine and mouth-watering food.


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