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Kaitlin’s Experience With her Cross Country Move to Seattle

You are in Portland, sitting on a bench by the Willamette River, tired of its hectic lifestyle, or you are impatiently writing a moving checklist in San Jose, bored of seeing same stuff every day. Perhaps you are in a coffee shop in Kansas downtown checking long distance moving companies on your laptop.
Well all you movers and packers, if Seattle happens to be your destination of choice, keep on reading, because I have an interesting story to tell about a fresh Emerald city newcomer that might cheer you up.
It is eight o'clock P.M. I am on my way to Voxx  where I arranged an interview with Kaitlin, a girl who recently moved to Seattle from South Lake City. I want to record her first impressions of relocating here. While approaching my favorite coffee bar, I try to guess what it is exactly that she will tell me. She must have gotten a new job at Nordstrom, or Amazon, at least her voice sounded like that when we talked over the phone. Workers in Microsoft speak in much deeper tone. I can not quite envision what she looks like. Hopefully she is charming and interesting enough to spice up the conversation.The luck is on my side. A tall, redhead demoiselle welcomes me with a big genuine smile, contagiously excited about moving into a new house and starting her new life in the Emerald city. Right from the start, she is eager to share her first impressions. While we wait for the freshly baked pastry, I look over the artsy photographs she made at Chihuly Garden and Glass , The Museum of Flight , Pike Place Market , Space Needle , Myrtle Edwards Park and other places. We talk about all the curiosities of Seattle. 

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She wants to know about the town’s background, so we go through its history starting from the downfall some 40 years ago when people worked in Boeing and wood industry in order to make a living, over beginnings of Microsoft, Amazon and Nintendo, up until today, the golden age of Seattle, when the city has started to make some serious changes in the face of the world with new inventions and business success.

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I am curious to hear about her reasons for moving to a different state, and why she chose Seattle. Waiting to hear the answer, I assume it must be career and ambition that she pursuits, perhaps a new job at Microsoft or Starbucks. One might think so, considering Seattle has so much success in entrepreneurship. Instead, I get a completely different reply. She explains it is the Olympic Mountains, the kindness of people, the running paths, the Hoh Rainforest . 
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Yes, she did get a new job at Nordstrom, but actually her reason for moving cross country was the need for new experience, for getting out of the comfort zone she had found herself stuck in. She needed a change, and it happened to be Seattle. The discoveries she made afterwards, while exploring the city, strengthened her decision to live here even more.
As we are slowly approaching the end, I start realizing that this might be the most pleasant interview I have ever done. Just when I am about to thank her for the interview, she interrupts me with an apology, saying “I am so glad that my first impressions of Seattle will stay inscribed”.
I helped her put on her pink coat thinking: “Well, that coat must have been through a bunch of phenomenal adventures”, with the same brand new smile she infected me with.
It is the middle of the night. Not a single one person on the streets of downtown. I watch Kaitlin leave and find myself thrilled by her perspective of my Seattle. What a sensational feeling!

Here are some intriguing facts about Seattle

You can hardly escape it, even if you have never been here. There are places where the civilization is progressing at a rapid pace. Sometimes science, commerce and humanities together make a superb mixture creating a great city. Live and dynamic tension that is being created in there is powerful and keeps the world moving. One of the cities with such energy happens to be Seattle.
It was unrecognizable 40 years ago. If we take a look at Seattle from a few dozen years ago, we will find that it was a lethargic place where people worked in Boeing and wood industry in order to make a living. When airline industry collapsed, a shameful billboard appeared saying: "Will the last person leaving Seattle turn out the lights?"
The place has more multi billionaires than any other city. Seattle has changed so much since then. It is a home of Starbucks, the birthplace of the biggest online retailer - Amazon, as well as of the Microsoft, Nintendo, Pokémon games and Magic Cards. Today we all use cell phones that were devised by a company also established in Seattle – Mccaw Cellular, which is a part of AT&T. Even though there was a downfall we mentioned, Boeing's jumbo jets still defend their title as leaders in the air transport industry. That is why it is known as “the city that keeps building better mousetraps”.It is a grunge rock capital. Having so much success in business, one might say Seattle advocates only material wealth. However, this place is where riots against global capitalism and world trade occur, and where the lyrics in its music reflect the same anti-regime ideology. That explains the paradox of Seattle being the hotbed for more multi millionaires than any other city and a grunge rock capital at the same time. Find out which bands shook things up the most..
Apparently, there is a large percent of coffee in its sea water. Aside from Starbucks, the most renowned Seattle coffee company, the place is chock-full of countless latte shops and espresso stands. Considering how much coffee is drunk every day, the researchers have said that there is a mixture of coffee and the local seawater in this city. In case you’ve just moved in and have no idea where to have coffee, check out this thril list.

Seattle is cloudy. That’ s the fact and it explains how the city got its nickname, Rain City. Especially in mid- November it feels like the sky is playing blues, and you cannot turn off the radio. If you are only days away from moving to Emerald city, don’t get disappointed! It’s the people who make the city, not the weather.
It is relaxed and simple around here. Speaking about the people.. Even though it is a city with such progress, its citizens are quite humble. The same is with the citizens of Hollywood or Wall Street, even though they live in popular hot spots. Extremely wealthy people as well as destitute people all visit the same restaurants, wear the same branded shoes and feel completely relaxed about it.
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