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Your Cross Country Move to Philadelphia Made Interesting

Your moving truck is only about to hit the road to Philly? Move away boxes, sit back and spend some time on getting to know the place which is about to become your new home. 

You are about to go where America was born

When you get to Philadelphia, you’ll inevitably notice a special spirit reminiscing the city’s beginnings. Also, being proud to be an American here comes so naturally, since your new location happens to be the fatherland of United States. This is where the United States Constitution was developed.Read more about America’s founding fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams here.

It is called “The city of Brotherly Love” for a big fat reason

In the largest Pennsylvanian municipality you will feel accepted and respected for who you are. The City of Brotherly Love got this alias due to its openness and inclusion of all races, religions, and nationalities. Around 45 per cent of Philadelphia residents are African American, seven percent are Asian, while thirteen percent are of Hispanic or Mexican descent.
Find out more about the famous Philadelphia Congress of the American Colonies, held in the midst of the American Revolution here.

It is one of the most walkable cities in the United States.

If you are looking for endless promenades, you will love this city, since it is ranked as one of the best walking sites in U.S. It’s particularly nice to walk from Schuylkill to Delaware River. See other walking paths in Philly here. If you would rather bike through the city than walk, we have good news - Philly has a well-developed network of biking trails as well. Some of them are:
Forbidden Drive. Designed to provide a mixture of the urban and the natural, this is one of the most enjoyable trails in the city. It is 6.6 miles long and pretty flat.

West River/Kelly Drive Loop. This eight-mile-long trail will take you to all of the Philly’s trademark places. It is also a great workout trail.
Boxer’s Trail. This relatively short trail (less than four miles) is a great workout opportunity, as it offers both off-road challenges and enjoyable street routes.
The Centennial 5k Route. This route is quite safe and visibly marked, which makes it perfect for family rides.
The Manayunk Towpath. A little short of five miles, this path is perfect for a weekend day out with your family. There are numerous restaurants along the way where you can take a break and enjoy a nice meal.
To see more biking tracks in the area, click here . 

The place is a sort of an architectural museum itself

Trust us, we are not exaggerating. The city preserves three centuries of astonishing architecture within its walls. Of all such sites in Philadelphia, the Independence Hall, well known for both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, stands out as the most impressive one. To find out more about what the Independence Hall has in store for its visitors, click here . 

Philadelphia is home to numerous astounding museums, historical attractions and artistic venues

There are a couple of more sites in Philadelphia worth seeing, such as The Liberty Bell Center , the Rodin Museum , Philadelphia museum of Art , Longwood Gardens , the Rocky Statue  and many others. Attending the evening concerts of the Philadelphia Orchestra  is a must, not to mention contemplating at the Rittenhouse Square.
If you want to know more about Philadelphia’s hot spots, click here .

Only here you can find Philly cheese steaks

There is no shortage of top restaurants where one can taste everything from fresh seafood to famous local cheese steaks in Quaker city. In addition, there is enough yummy Philly cheese steaks for all! If you consider yourself a real foodie, you should visit the Reading Terminal Market . Home to the most mouth-watering produce and meals, and host of numerous food-oriented events, this market is guaranteed to satisfy even the most insatiable visitors.
To see more great places to eat in Philadelphia, click here .

Let’s talk more about The City that Loves You Back

This noble- minded city was a residence of a very prominent political figure in American history

The first thing that comes to your mind about Philadelphia is William Penn, the city founder. From the very moment he stepped on the banks of Delaware River in 1682, Penn envisioned the set of core values that carried him along the way to success. He planned to build a modern settlement with advanced grid street plan and attract significant number of colonists to relocate to the new land. We say: he succeeded.

Quaker city is one of the few old American settlements that didn’t have to put up walls defending from Indian tribes

Not only did Penn set firm city‘s foundations, but he also established surprisingly good relations with feisty Indian tribes that occupied a part of what was to become Philadelphia. Penn traded with Native Americans treating them with a high level of respect, appreciation, and dignity. Thanks to his negotiation skills, this birthplace of America achieved long lasting peace with Indians. Philadelphia owes so much to this exceptional diplomat for the city’s impressive legacy that he left behind.

The abolitionist movement took place right here in Philadelphia

Not only does Philadelphia have good relations with Native Americans, but it was also the birthplace of a movement aimed at abolishing slavery. Today, almost half the Philadelphia’s population are African-Americans. If you want to know more about Philadelphia’s role in the abolitionist movement, click here .

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