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HeadingMoving Cross Country to Austin – Why You Should Do It

Anyone who has ever visited Austin, Texas knows that this city rightfully bears the name of the Live Music Capital of the World. If you are young, energetic, outgoing, and looking for an adventure, moving to Austin is the right choice for you. We have to admit, though, there is much more to Austin than its music scene. Read on to find out more about what makes Austin, Texas, so special.

HeadingHistory of Austin

It is speculated that the area we call Austin today was inhabited by people since at least 9200 BC, that is, the Ice Age. In a more recent history, the area was home to the Tonkawa, Comanche, and Lipan Apache Native Americans tribes. Soon after, Europeans came, establishing their settlements. For a while, the state of Texas was a part of Mexico, until it successfully fought for its independence in early 19th century. Shortly after, Austin, named after Stephen F. Austin, an empresario, became the new capital of Texas.

HeadingThe People of Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas, and as such is a pretty large city. In fact, it is the second most populated capital city in the States, right after Phoenix, Arizona. Almost a million people call Austin home, while two million reside in its metro area. People from Austin are called Austinites, and are, surprisingly or not, pretty diverse. Around half the population is comprised of white non-Hispanic residents, while almost forty percent of people are Hispanic or Latino. People of Asian descent make up for around 6 per cent of the population, while African Americans comprise around eight per cent. Austin has the third highest rate of LGBT population in the country. Given that Texas was traditionally a Unionist, anti-abolitionist state throughout history, its diverse population might come off as a surprise, but it most certainly is a change for the better.

HeadingAustin Climate

Austin belongs to the humid subtropical climate zone. It has long, hot summers, warm springs and falls, and short, mild winters. Less than 35 inches of rain falls in Austin annually. This rainfall is mostly distributed evenly throughout the year. Summer temperatures in July and August average around 90 to 100 degrees. The highest ever recorded temperature in Austin was 112 degrees in September 2000, and August 2011. Winters, on the contrary, are mild and pleasant. Average winter temperatures revolve around 63 degrees. Snow is very rare in Austin, but every other year, the city experiences an ice storm.
Once you start packing for your move to Austin, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a big smile.

HeadingNeighborhoods of Austin

Now that you know a little bit more about the city of Austin, it’s time to plan your relocation – get your moving checklist ready! The first thing you should do is pick your future neighborhood. Austin has quite a few, and in order to make this task easier, we at Cross Country Moving Company have shortlisted those we deemed most livable. Without further ado, here are the best Austin neighborhoods:
- Clarksville. This neighborhood is close to the city’s business district, which makes it perfect for young professionals who don’t own a car. It has a historic touch to it and is pretty affordable. It is very culturally diverse.
- Tarrytown. This neighborhood is quite expensive, but it offers breathtaking views of Lake Austin. It is close to the downtown area. It is mostly populated by celebrities, successful businessmen, CEOs.
- Hyde Park. This neighborhood is located in the northern area of Austin. It is a historic district and has very strict building requirements. It is mostly populated by young people, professionals, recent graduates, and artists. It is relatively quiet and has a number of coffee shops and bars.
- Great Hills. Even further to the north, this neighborhood is mostly comprised of newer, two-story houses. It is populated by families and is only a short commute away from large employees.
- Circle C. Located on the opposite side of the city, Circle C is a quiet, relatively remote area, but still well connected to all crucial amenities. It is mostly populated by families with children and retirees.
- Westlake Hills. This is a great neighborhood to raise children in, given that it is home to excellent schools. It is a conservative neighborhood relatively close to downtown Austin.
Have you chosen your new neighborhood yet? If so, it’s time to move.

HeadingHiring Professional Movers

If moving to Austin to you means moving to another state, hiring a reliable moving company might be a good idea. Not only will you be able to relocate more quickly and efficiently, but it will save you from a lot of stress as well. There are certain steps you should take when looking for the best moving company.
- Find several moving companies online and read their reviews.
- Contact companies with good reviews and ask for their moving quotes.
- Cross out all those companies which offer suspiciously low or unreasonably high moving prices.
- Make sure that the companies remaining on your list are licensed movers.
- Contact Cross Country Moving Company and schedule your move.

What to Do in AustinHeading

Once moving to Austin is over with, you will have a whole new city to explore. Austin offers countless options to pass the time. In order to find out which ones suit your needs best, we recommend going out and exploring the city on your own. However, since you have to start from somewhere, here are our suggestions.
If you like outdoor activities, Hamilton Pool should be your first stop. This natural preserve is the perfect location to fight the Texas heat. Another great location to do exactly that is Barton Springs Pool .
Another great outdoor activity for all the adventure seekers moving to Austin is hiking. Mount Bonnell offers great hiking tracks. Learn more about them here .
If you prefer visiting galleries and museums to hiking, we suggest you head to the Harry Ransom Center , a renowned library dedicated to humanities.
According to Quentin Tarantino and Elijah Wood, among others, Austin is home to the best movie theater in the world. The Alamo  is a cinema where you can sit back and enjoy a movie with beer in one hand and food in the other.
If you enjoy learning about history, head to the Bullock Texas State History Museum  where you can find out more about how Texas and Austin came to be what they are today.
Once you are done with all the swimming and touring through museums, you will certainly feel ravished. Luckily for you, Austin has amazing restaurants as well: Veggie Heaven , with strictly vegan dishes, Polvos Mexican Restaurant , with great Mexican food and margaritas, Torchy’s , for all the taco lovers, and Franklin Barbeque , where you will wait in line, but it will be so worth it, to name a few.

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