What things shouldn't you pack into boxes when moving?

Are you moving to another state soon? If so, you should start planning as early as possible. It's essential to make a good plan and consider your budget. That's why you need to hire a reliable professional moving company that is familiar with all the rules and regulations regarding your long-distance move. The most important thing you need now is a skilled crew to do your relocation in the best possible way. Cross Country Movers is proud to say that we are equipped with the supplies needed to complete the relocation quickly and smoothly. Our primary goal is to leave our clients satisfied. Contact one of our representatives anytime to hear some useful tips and discuss all the moving-related issues you may have now. We will be glad to assist you to transport all your belongings to your new address.
What things shouldn't you pack into boxes when moving
Since we are familiar with the whole process you have to go through now, let us give you some tips regarding packing. If you choose to do the packing yourself, read on to find out what you shouldn't pack into moving boxes.

Valuables don’t belong in boxes

Do not put your valuables into a box; keep them with you. Whether it's your jewelry or documents, make sure they are in a safe place at all times and transport them in your handbag on the moving day.

Flammables should not be transported 

It is dangerous to transport flammable items in a truck or a van since they can react to weather conditions during transport. Do not risk causing an incident with gasoline, aerosol cans, or paints. Such items are hazardous and should be appropriately disposed of before you leave your old home for good. Besides, most moving companies will just refuse to transport these items.

Use perishable items before the move

If you have any frozen food or other perishable products, use them, give them away to your friends, family, or charity. Such food could do much harm if it is eaten after such a long trip. 

Medications are not safe during transport

Speak to your pharmacist and ask them to transfer your prescriptions to your new town. Get the records from your doctor and keep them with you, since you will soon have another one who will like to look at all your medical records to get informed about your health. Don't put your meds in a box no matter how small they are, because they can be smashed and ruined. In addition, most medicaments need to be stored in a cold and dry place, and there’s no way for you to control the temperature in the moving truck. 

Toxic substances, explosive items, and guns

In case you own any weapons, toxic substances, or other items of that sort, you should be careful with them. Do not leave them unattended for a single minute, and do not, under any circumstances, move them in a moving truck.

Designate a first-night box

There are some necessities you shouldn’t transport with other boxes because you will need them on your first night in your new home. These include toiletries, towels, pajamas, toilet paper, a toolkit and an emergency kit, some cutlery, cups and plates and anything else you will most likely need before you start unpacking.
Cross Country Movers hope these tips will be helpful to you. Our team wishes you good luck. And if you would like to have a professional moving company by your side, feel free to give us a call!