What do you need to check before you rent storage space

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If you are moving from a big house to a smaller one or to an apartment, you will have to rent a storage unit to keep your things until you decide what to do with them.


You should first decide what things you are going to store and then to decide on a type of the unit. Prepare all the questions you will ask and write them down because it will be easier for you to go through them all and not to skip any. 


One of the first questions you should ask the person in charge of the storage is how strong facility system is. Apart from having alarms, are the properties patrolled? If the answer is affirmative, ask them how often they are checked. 

Protection from fire

This issue is not as important as a monitoring system, but you need to check if they have smoke alarms in each building. Don’t forget to ask them about the sprinkler system, too.


The ideal answer to the question “Are there any limits to my access?” would be that there are no limits. No matter how protected the place is, you probably want to access it whenever you want. 

Description of the units

After you ask them how many storage sections there are, check what the vacancy rate is. If you cannot go to see them yourself, request photos of storage units. You will get an idea of how big it is. Ask them if they ever had problems or break-ins, but before you ask them, check the review sites and comments.
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