Tips for a safe office relocation

 Moving in general, is a very stressful and time consuming, especially when it comes to corporate or office moving. It can be very psychologically draining for any organization as moving is not part of the usual work day in the office. You need to consider all the factors when it comes to safety to avoid any hazard during the packing or the moving process. The entire relocation process doesn’t have to be hard and tiresome, as a matter of fact, it can turn out to be an exciting experience for you and your colleagues. You just need to plan properly and organize everything so you can stay on top of things, hopefully the following tips will help when it comes to relocating your offices or your company.

Planning and organization

The first and one of the most important steps is proper planning and organization. It’s very important that you hold an office meeting and discuss the move with your employees as well as to keep them informed about all of the details of the move. This will help with brainstorming, keeping everyone posted about what’s going to happen and how, as well as helping in preventing unexpected hazards at the last minute. You should also start planning long before, at least a month, the moving day comes around so everyone knows what to do and what not to do.

Making a simple checklist

Might be an obvious step, coming right after planning, but, after you’ve planned everything out it’s important that you write it down and create a simple and short checklist that will be easy to go through. Follow the checklist step by step and, if you want, you can arrange the steps by priority, which will help in case of emergencies.

Moving and packing

When it comes to moving and packing, certainly the best option for your company would be to hire a reliable moving company, one that has previous experience in corporate moves. Most of the companies provide packing services as well as moving services, so be sure to check all of your options. Many of the moving companies can also provide you with a moving cost estimate so feel free to ask for one.

If you or your employees plan on doing any of the packing and moving, or helping the movers, ensure that you’re doing it safely and properly as most injuries during a move come from improper lifting of heavy items. Don’t overload your moving boxes, and don’t stack them more than two or three high.

Make a clear path

During the relocation process, be it residential or corporate moving that we’re talking about, people often don’t plan for a clear path from to the moving trucks. Scout ahead, make sure that you have a clear, safe path for the moving boxes to be carried out easily. Also make sure that there aren’t any dangerous, like slippery or wet, surfaces or pathways on the way to the moving trucks, if there are any, cover them with flattened cardboard boxes.
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