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Moving from San Francisco, CA to New York, NY with Cross Country Movers

Are you thinking about moving from San Francisco? Many people that have had the opportunity to live in San Francisco and experience the feel of the city say that it is not easy to pack up and leave. Even the journalist Herb Caen once said that if he ever went to Heaven, he would look around and say " It ain't bad, but it ain't no San Francisco". With love for a city that runs so deep its no wonder he never wanted to leave. Many of the citizens share this admiration, saying that they can’t imagine a place similar to the Golden City, with its amazingly open and diverse culture, stunning golden sunsets, wide variety of festivals, views and unique atmosphere.

San Francisco

This massively popular city, reaching 864 thousand inhabitants in the past two years, has had quite a reputation over the last couple of decades. People have decided to move there for various reasons. A huge influx of the members of the hippie culture was reported during and long after the famous ‘Summer of Love’ (1967), and following the years of the war in Vietnam, when the many newcomers sought a place with liberal activism in the United States.

San Francisco is not short on nicknames, which gives you hints to the area and the overall feel of the city. Also known as ‘The City by the Bay’ or as ‘The Fog City’, many of its famous traits come from the climate and local geographical sites and qualities. The greater bay area flaunts comfortable climate, and cool, swelter-free summers, with numerous green patches in the city and with a constant gaze at the water. What is also visible from most locations throughout the area is the famous Golden Gate Bridge, an astounding feat of the architecture that covers the channel between the Pacific Ocean and The San Francisco Bay. It was described by one of the travel guides as ‘’possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world." Quite a rare sight that this city has, are its cable cars, that go up and down the steep hills whose tops are mostly obscured by the foggy gloom. 

All these things make San Francisco a one of a kind city and it will be difficult to leave behind the life you have gotten used to, but that is the point of relocating. The fact is that you have decided to go after something new, gain some new experiences and to move forward. Moving to a new part of the country brings a change in your life, not just the scenery, but in your routines, expectations and views of the world. Whatever you reason for relocating is it is a good idea to go into it with an open mind and go into your move with no regrets.
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Feel free to contact our representatives if you need additional information. They will be happy to provide you with answers to all your questions. You can also request a free moving price estimate (online, over the phone, or in-home), so that you can plan your budget in advance.

Moving from San Francisco

Are You considering moving to New York City? A long-distance relocation such as that one can be quite a challenge. That is why you should consider hiring a good professional moving company to help you. Cross Country Movers is just the company you need! Our moving experts are young, enthusiastic, and experienced. They have been trained to handle all parts of the moving process, from creating a moving plan to unpacking. We are constantly on the lookout for the newest advancements in moving, whether it is in the packing or transportation,  such as our investments in the New Tesla Trucks. Cross Country Movers offer a broad variety of services, including:
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- Interstate residential relocation
- Interstate corporate relocation
- Professional packing services
- Car shipping
- Storage units
- And so much more!

Life in New York compared to San Francisco

But moving from San Francisco to New York is not just about getting there. There is a number of things that will probably take you some time to get used to. In order to help you go through the transition, we at Cross Country Movers have decided to compile a quick guide to moving from San Francisco to New York City.

The Weather

If you spent a good chunk of your life in San Francisco, you are probably used to warm and pleasant weather year-round. However, the weather in Big Apple is much harsher. Winters are cold and damp, with lots of snow and wind. The daily average temperature in January is around 32 °F. In addition, New York City receives around 50 inches of precipitation throughout the year. If you want to read more about what kind of weather to expect when you move to New York, click here.


Living in a big city such as San Francisco, you are already used to regular traffic jams. However, New York City’s traffic jams are on a whole new level. It is not just the cars you will have to pay attention to. Pedestrians are everywhere, street signs are somewhat confusing, and even the rules are different. Remember, in New York City you are not allowed to turn right on red, unless there is a sign showing otherwise. Parking is extremely hard to find, and once you do find it, be prepared to pay for it. Our top tip for driving in New York would be: don’t. Take the train. But if you decide to take your car with you, know that you can count on Cross Country Movers to have it transported to your front door.

Cost of Living

San Francisco is not a cheap city to live in. But neither is New York. Depending on which borough you are moving to, you might end up paying less for rent, or considerably more. Transportation and groceries cost more or less the same. If you would like to know more about the cost of living in New York City, click here.


 Both San Francisco and New York City are known as entertainment capitals of their respective coasts. So once you move to New York, you can rest assured you will find something fun to do to pass the time. New York City offers a wide variety of pastime activities, such as Broadway, Central Park , or the Statue of Liberty .
Are you ready to move from San Francisco to New York? Then give Cross Country Movers a call, and our professional moving crew will take care of everything for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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