Our tips for a safe move

You’ve found yourself in the situation of having to move? Whether it’s by choice, if you’re following a loved one to another city or you’re looking to start anew in another state, or if you’re forced to move, maybe you’ve just sold your home, whatever the case in the end, you now have to plan for the future. The first step is organizing the entire moving process. This won’t be an easy task, and no-one is ever fully prepared to face the move by themselves, but you need to plan ahead and be prepared for the rush of anxiety when you put your mind on the whole moving process. During this chaotic period you’ll try and stay on top of everything, and like many others, you might find yourself forgetting one important thing, and that is safety.
Whilst you’re getting packing supplies, throwing out stuff you don’t plan on taking with you, looking at all the different moving companies, searching for a new home, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and not take safety precautions to avoid any injuries to your family or the movers, and to avoid any damage to your belongings. This is why we’ve written about various topics when it comes to moving safely, ranging from safe furniture moving to packing up all of your electronics so they don’t get damaged on the move. So, let us summarize all of them, in hopes that you’ll consider them the next time you move or you’re helping someone else move.

-Moving heavy furniture

During the relocation, you’re concerned with packing everything properly and hiring the most affordable and reliable movers to help you out. Understandably, people leave heavy furniture for last when it comes to packing. And packing and moving furniture on you own is a big no-no, especially if we’re talking about heavy furniture, you should hire professionals or ask a friend or family member to help you out. You should take great care and when doing it too, to avoid injuries and damage to your other belongings. If you have any large or strangely-shaped furniture that needs to be moved, one of the best tips is to disassemble it into smaller pieces, which will make it easier to maneuver and much lighter to carry. When it comes to moving big furniture pieces, doing it with the proper moving equipment makes the task so easy. From moving dollies to pads and harnesses, they’ll surely help in avoiding any injuries.

-How to safely pack electronics

 From listening to music, to watching TV and playing video games, electronics are a big part of any household of today. Which is exactly the reason why you should read about how to safely pack and transport your beloved electronic devices, so they won’t get damaged on their trip to your new home. Firstly you’ll have to organize the packing process and get plenty of moving supplies such as moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap and so on. Finding and reading the manuals for every item should be a priority as most come with an explanation or specific measures one should take when packing the device. You should take a photo before unplugging anything, which will make the process of re-installation that much easier, this includes all the cables, wires and cords too. For extra protection you should wrap all of your devices in linen, bubble wrap and/or newspapers, beware that some fragile surfaces might get scratched by certain materials. Lastly don’t forget to properly seal all the boxes so dust can’t get in, as well as labeling the boxes appropriately.

-Planning for bad weather

It’s often the case that we forget that we can’t control everything when it comes to organizing a move. One such case is when all of a sudden the clouds open up and send a natural disaster your way, on your moving day too. Be it rain, snow, sleet or even a storm that Mother Nature has sent your way, you should be prepared and know what to do if you find yourself in this weather. You should first check with the movers you’ve hired, what’s their policy on bad weather, can you reschedule the moving day and in what (if any) weather they won’t work at all. When it comes to protecting your items, you should use shrink wrap if you have any special concerns, cover all of the moving boxes in garbage or plastic bags so they don’t get wet and thus destroyed. Another important safety tip is clearing a path for the movers to and from the moving trucks, this means any wet and slippery surfaces, especially ice, need to be taken care of.

-Safely relocating offices

Seeing how moving offices is not a normal part of anyone’s work day, you should try and stay focused and organized during this time. Having an office meeting, to discuss everything and explain all the hazards of the move to your employees is top priority. Creating a step-by-step checklist goes a long way when it comes to organizing anything, moving offices included. When it comes to packing all of your office items and moving them to your new building you should look for a reliable moving company to do it for you, if you can afford it you should look for a company that has experience in corporate moving to ensure a quality moving service. If you or your employees plan on helping out, you should take care not to overload the boxes and if you plan on carrying them you should know that you should use your whole body to lift bigger stuff, as most injuries during a move come from improper handling of heavy items. Just like with moving houses, moving offices also includes making a safe path to the moving trucks, which means no slippery surfaces, and clearing a straight pathway so carrying doesn’t involve much unneeded maneuvering of heavy items.
Don’t forget that whatever you’re doing, moving home or office, you should always put safety as your number one priority and we hope that you’ll consider the safety tips we’ve written about the next time you have to move or you’re helping someone else move.
Hopefully you’ll have these safety tips in mind when moving to your new home. If you want any more information about moving or require the services of a professional moving company, visit Cross Country Movers.