Moving in bad weather conditions

 You’ve spent so much of your time organizing everything and packing your entire life into moving boxes. The moving day has finally come and you need to move no matter the weather conditions, be it rain, snow, sleet, or a storm. Moving itself is hard, and even more so when it needs to be done in bad weather. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the option to just reschedule the moving day and postpone everything, Perhaps because of the work schedule at their new job, because they might lose their deposit if they reschedule, or for some other reason. Though slight rain or snowfall may not pose that much of a danger for you and the professional movers you hired, you should carefully plan out your move to make it as safe and efficient as possible. Hopefully you’ll consider the following tips and they’ll prove useful in saving you from injuries or damages to your belongings.
Moving in bad weather conditions

Check with your movers

Long before the moving day comes around, when you’re still discussing the details of your move with the moving company you’ve decided to hire, ask about their policy on moving in bad conditions. You’ll want to be sure about all the details and what weather is a ‘no-go’ for the company if you are hit with bad weather.

Protect your belongings

When bad weather hits all of a sudden, you’ll want to make sure all of your things are safe and protected from the elements. Some moving companies will provide weather protection for your boxes. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, and you’ll surely want to be prepared for the worst. Here are some of the things you could do:
-Buy shrink wrap for any items you’re worried about. You can obtain it from hardware stores and moving companies.
-Use plastic or garbage bags to cover your boxes, as cardboard tends to get soggy and fall apart under wet weather conditions.
-If you’re worried about your furniture, wrap it in blankets and bed sheets.
-If you’ve got any expensive art pieces you’re worried about, tightly wrap them with plastic wrap and seal them with tape so rain or snow can’t get in.

Clearing the path

You’ll want to scout ahead and make sure the path to the moving trucks is safe for work. This includes both indoors and outdoors. Make sure that there are no wet surfaces and lay down carpet or flattened boxes on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors or marble tiles. You need to make sure that your walkway is clear of snow and, even more importantly, that there’s no ice, salt and/or sand.
This tip also includes your future home, so if you can, you should make sure that the path from the moving trucks to your new home is safe and danger-free too.

Know when to give up

At the end of the day, the weather might just be too dangerous for you and the movers. This is something you’ll have to keep in mind and not stress too much if it happens. Do not force yourself to do the move at any cost. You may also want to try and wait out the storm or snow and continue on with the move once the weather clears.
There are many things that can unpredictably affect the moving process, and bad weather is one of the most notorious ones. In order to avoid any unpleasant or unsafe situations, follow the tips provided above. And if you would like to have professionals deal with your relocation, give Cross Country Movers a call!
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