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Cheap living, good employment opportunities, the best city to raise a family, educational center, four seasons, great food, excellent art scene – we could go on and on. There are countless reasons why you should decide to move to Detroit. We at Cross Country Movers have decided to put together some of the most important ones for you. But, first, we should tell you the great news - you have just found reliable and professional Columbus movers to help you out with your long distance move. Moving to another state is too stressful when you don’t have dependable long distance movers by your side, but you were lucky enough to find us.
You can count on our crew of highly-trained cross country movers to provide you with various moving services and make your relocation a pleasant experience. These include residential moving, long distance car shipping, corporate relocation, storage units, and many others.
When it comes to auto transport, you need to know that there are several options for you to choose from. For instance, we leave it to you to decide whether you want your car transported in an open or enclosed carrier. If you ask us, we suggest enclosed long distance car shipping only if what you want transported is a highly valuable show car or a car collection. Otherwise, we’re sure you will be satisfied with our open trailers, which are most commonly chosen. Another choice you need to make is between door to door and terminal to terminal delivery. The former is somewhat more costly, but it saves you the trouble of being the one to leave your car at one terminal and having to pick it up at another one. If you pick this service, we will transport your car straight to the given address. If, however, you want to save some money, you should ask for terminal to terminal car shipping. Either way, we will make sure your vehicle is safe. For any further info about auto transport, feel free to give us a call.
We will be more than glad to answer all your questions regarding your long distance move to Detroit at anytime given. But, before you call us, read on to learn something about your chosen destination. 

About Detroit

History of Detroit

ince its establishment, the city has always attracted various nations and quickly grew and expanded its borders. Even now, it is the 21st most populous city in the United States, with estimated population of 677,116. During the 20th century, Detroit's auto boom and factory jobs brought thousands of African-Americans from the South, as a part of the Great Migration. America’s middle class was born in Detroit. Steady work and union wages meant an autoworker could own a home, plus a boat, maybe even a cottage.  
In 1960s, racial tensions led to riots, because the majority of Detroit’s white citizens resisted integration. This triggered an exodus of white residents, jobs and companies. By the year 1980, the majority of the population was African-American. This trend continued over a course of years, making Detroit the only city in US with a predominantly (82.7 %) African-American population. If you want to learn more about Detroit’s demographics, click here
Things got much worse after companies moved manufacturing overseas, when a large number of people lost their jobs. The Great Recession in 2008 pushed Detroit over the edge and thousands of homes went into foreclosure. The culmination of bad things came with Detroit bankruptcy in 2013. 
Everything bad has already happened. Detroit hit bottom and can only go up. If you want to witness the rising of the city, contact your Columbus movers to help you start a better life here - we are waiting for your call. 

Detroit Today

Today, Detroit has the people and their driving energy! There is an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and a revolution is taking place. Many are moving back in order to restore their hometown. Major revitalization is underway. it is a hot spot of innovation and creativity, and investment dollars are pouring in. The city is attractive to investors, would-be fixers and, especially, young adventurers. Here, you will quickly become the owner of a house or an apartment, because property prices are lower than in most cities. There were cases of homes being sold for as little as $100 on eBay in the past, but now prices are higher. You will need large moving boxes to pack all your things before moving into a new house. 
There is an increasing number of immigrants who are starting to build their lives right here. Working-class families from Bangladesh, Iraq, Mexico and Yemen have moved into Detroit blighted neighborhoods, starting their own businesses and integrating with other cultures. Residents have the opportunity to meet different people and enrich their life with new friendships. If your only exposure to people of other races, classes or cultures comes through TV or movies, it’s incredibly easy to believe every negative image you see. In Detroit, this will not be possible. The unification of the people is the only recipe for making changes. No matter what you decide to do, there will always be someone to back you up. The only goal is to make the city a better place for residents.

Detroit Culture

While Detroit’s economy is making a comeback, it’s apparent that its culture never left. The home of R&B, soul, and techno is still a trendsetter in music. It hosts a number of popular music festivals each year, including the Movement, the Detroit International Jazz Festival, and the Motor City Music Conference. There is also a large number of well-recognized music venues, including the DTE Energy Music Theatre and the Fox Theatre. Diana Ross, Martha Reeves, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Iggy Pop, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, MC5, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Glenn Frey, Eminem, Kid Rock, The White Stripes are some of the names that Detroit gave to the world.
Detroit’s numerous great museums have survived the hardest days. Some of the best Detroit museums are:

-The Detroit Historical Museum offers insight to the history of the city, as well as the state of Michigan.
-The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is considered one of the largest African American history museums of the world.
-The Michigan Science Center features an IMAX theatre, a planetarium, as well as numerous laboratories and exhibits.
-The Arab American National Museum is the first (and so far only) museum of Arab American culture in the United States.
-The Yankee Air Museum is the perfect place to learn all about aircraft industry.
To read more about the museums in Detroit, click here

The casinos bring in tourism and provide jobs, helping bolster the local economy. Even Caesar’s Palace has opened up a spot near downtown Detroit. It is the largest city with casino resorts in the US. If you aren't attracted to casinos, young people will surely be attracted by the proximity of the Canadian border and the possibility to drink or smoke Cubans cigars without suffering the consequences.
The City of Champions is another nickname for Detroit. It is home to professional teams representing the four major sports in North America: 

-Hockey - The Red Wings won 11 Stanley Cups,
-Basketball – Detroit Pistons won three NBA titles,
-Baseball - Detroit Tigers won four World Series titles, and
-Football - Detroit Lions won 4 NFL titles.
They all call state-of-the-art stadiums their homes. Have you heard of any other city whose teams achieved such great success? Of course you haven’t. That’s why Detroit is one of the best sports towns in the US. 

With its proximity to Canada and its facilities, ports, major highways, rail connections and international airports, Detroit is an important transportation hub. The city has three international border crossings, linking it to Windsor, Ontario. One of them is the single busiest border crossing in North America, carrying 27% of the total trade between the U.S. and Canada. 

Getting Around Detroit

The city itself has an interesting form of transportation called the Detroit People Mover. A large, futuristic version of a train services thirteen stops while running along a three-mile track. It can transport you to your desired destination in no time. To view the map of the People Mover transportation system, click here.
Ready to live in Detroit? Cross Country Movers is here to help with your relocation. As one of the best cross country movers, with reliable auto transport, we will custom-tailor your move and provide an all-Inclusive final quote based on your specific requests, cutting your moving expenses. Here at Cross Country Movers we are dedicated to customer satisfaction! So, now that you’ve finally found reputable Columbus movers, there’s no need to spend a single second hesitating. Give us a ring and make sure you schedule your relocation with expert cross country movers - we are looking forward to working with you.

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