Cleaning your new home

Once you make up your mind to relocate, you need to get organized as soon as you can because the moving day is getting closer. Don’t you think the best thing you can do is to hire a reliable moving company? Think about it; they will take care of everything, and you won’t have to bother with the process, and you can focus on more important things. Cross Country Movers is a great choice because we have a professional team of workers who have a lot of experience in moving all over the United States. We offer you packing and unpacking services that you can request. Also, besides residential we have corporate moving services. If you own a car, we can safely transport it to the given address in our open or enclosed carrier. Long-distance relocations are our specialty and the address you are moving from as well as the city you are moving to are irrelevant, as long as they in the United States.
Besides providing you with great services, we can also give you some tips that and be helpful before, during and after your moving process. In this article, we will concentrate on your new house and try to ease you by giving you a detailed guide on how to clean it in the best possible way.

Go room by room

When you start preparing and cleaning rooms in the new house, don’t do it chaotically. If you start with one room, finish it before you move on to the next one. The organization is the key. We recommend you to start from the kitchen.
Common moving mistakes

The appliances that need to be cleaned first

A refrigerator, a stove, and kitchen cabinets are the first on the list. Buy several sponges, cleaners and prepare the hot water and baking soda. Remove all the elements in the fridge a brush thoroughly the inside as well as the outside. Before you start cleaning the oven, apply a cleaner that needs several minutes to work. While you are scrubbing the refrigerator, the oven cleaner will start working, and you will quickly remove the grease in it. Don’t forget to clean under and behind the oven, and to turn it off while you are doing that. When it comes to kitchen cabinets and counters, check the material they are made of before you buy the cleaner. Some surfaces can be sensitive, and they require only mild detergents. Either way, you can always use baking soda since it cannot harm anything and it is very efficient. Clean the inside of the cabinets, the handles and carefully remove stains. 
Preparing your furniture for the move

The floors and carpets

Professional cleaners will clean the carpets the best, so hire them. Sweep and vacuum the floors before you wipe them with a mild soap. You can even polish the floors to give them shine and pleasant smell, too. Use a stronger cleaner if the previous owners had pets, to protect everything in a better way.
Preparing your furniture for the move
If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. For additional information and more tips, contact our representatives. Cross Country Movers is waiting for your call.