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How to Find Your Way Through Washington DC Neighborhoods

Did you know that the US capital was built on top of a mosquito-infested swamp in the late 18th century after the Congress had passed an act which approved the construction of a new federal city? Today, there are roughly 131 Washington DC neighborhoods divided into eight administrative divisions known as wards. All those diverse and picturesque residential areas are just another reminder of the truly amazing and unique evolution the capital went through over the years and decades.

10+ Best Restaurants in Philadelphia for You to Check Out

Did you know that Philly has more dining places per capita than New York? That being said, discovering the best restaurants in Philadelphia would be a pleasure for every foodie that decides to move to the so-called City of Brotherly Love.

6 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle to Move To

Despite a slight softening of the real estate market in the past few years, the best neighborhoods in Seattle still offer their residents a variety of excellent education, housing, career, and entertainment options. Whether you’re looking to settle down permanently and raise a family, find a new job or pursue a college degree, make a list of priorities before moving to Seattle and find the location that fits you just right.

Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of Living in New York City

If you’re thinking about moving to NYC for the first time, you have probably imagined what it’s like to visit the Statue of Liberty, catch a Broadway show or go clubbing or bar hopping. But before anything else, it would be smart to get familiar with the cost of living in New York City so that you can determine exactly what kind of life you can afford there.

Moving to Dallas, Texas – a Complete Guide

Moving to Dallas would be an adventure for everybody that decides to embark on it. You should know that there are many benefits to staying in the Lone Star State. If you are looking for great entertainment options or work opportunities, you should pack your bags and head out to D-Town.

Military Move – Tips to Prepare for Your PCS

A military move is not too different from any other relocation. It takes some detailed planning and organization skills, as well.

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Seattle

There are many things you should know before moving to Seattle. Are you aware that this is the birthplace of Starbucks? No wonder that this is the perfect spot for coffee addicts to get their fix. Also, there are some great restaurants and bars which make this city gastronomical heaven. This is a town full of friendly and open-minded people that don’t shy away from political activism and geeky subculture.

Top Things to Know Before Moving to Austin

There are many reasons why moving to Austin just might be the right decision for you. Are you looking for an excellent area to live in? Or a safe home to raise your family and have a peaceful life? With low crime rates, a healthy real estate market, and a high quality of living, this might be just the city for you. It might not be a typical representation of the south, with rustic homes and farms and a slow pace of life, but it has a vibe unlike any other area in the country. If you’re wondering is Austin worth moving to, take a look at our guide before you start your cross country moving adventure.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Move out of State

Have you decided to pick up your things and relocate? But, if your budget is limited, you might be wondering what the cheapest way to move out of state is. To ensure you picked the most low-cost approach to relocation, make a budget plan and declutter your home. When it comes to transport, you can choose amongst trains, buses, driving a truck, or hiring a company do relocate you.

Explaining Anxiety About Moving Out

Did you decide to move? Or you just settled into your new home? But feelings of nostalgia and sadness won’t leave you? Anxiety about moving out is not an uncommon thing. It happens because of too much stress and reconsiderations about the relocation. The unknowns and uncertainties only increase the anxiety and the only way we can tackle and overcome it is by having a support system and good relaxation techniques.