Blake Shaw

With an average of 13,000 complaints, negative reviews, and reports on moving scams Better Business Bureau receives each year, it is a wonder most of the moves go smoothly. However, it may not be that unusual that the hunt for the right cross-country movers is such a murky process since most people hire them only a few times during their lives. Still, cross-country moving company scams are an ever-present threat.

Around 3 million Americans are cross country moving every year with family or alone. The relocation process is complicated and challenging especially when you don’t know how to pack fragile items for moving. So, when it comes to boxing up your breakable things, you need to be very careful. Dishes, glasses, china, pictures, mirrors, and artwork are the objects that get damaged most frequently during the relocation. In this text, we’ll go through the most important steps when it comes to wrapping your precious stuff.

Relocating can be chaotic, and the number of people who overlook some important tasks isn’t exactly low. There can be lots of things you forget to do when you move if you don’t plan your move in detail. To help you out, we made a list of the most frequent things people overlook when relocating to another state. It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes, so take a look and prevent forgetting anything.

Video killed the radio star, and television remained one of the most powerful media outlets in our time. At the moment, there are 285 million TVs in American households, and that number is on the rise. So, if you want to learn how to pack a TV for moving to stay part of that statistic in your new place, stick around because we’re about to spill the tea.

No matter if you’re a first-time renter or you’ve done this before, it’s always useful to have a checklist of what do you need to rent an apartment. With this checklist, you will prove to your landlord that you’re dependable and responsible, and it will also give you an advantage over the other renters. Take a look at our list of all the requirements to rent an apartment when long-distance moving.

Living in San Francisco means you will be staying in a metropolis that has the highest disposable income, salaries, and median home prices in the world. The area is home to 38 Fortune 500 companies, more than a few world-famous universities, and 3,400 acres of open space. Staying here will put you in a highly diverse and liberal location, where everybody from career chasers to families can fit in.

Settling in the largest California city means you’ll be staying in the entertainment capital of the world, whose annual GDP is larger than the one of Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. However, before becoming a resident, go over the cost of living in Los Angeles and calculate how much money you should earn to cover housing expenses, utilities, and groceries.

Whoever lost a favorite mug or any other valuable tableware during the move can tell the importance of keeping breakables properly wrapped and protected. That’s why learning how to pack plates for moving is an essential part of every DIY relocation. When you master it, handling other delicate objects will be a piece of cake.

Did you know that Chicago was the most visited city in the US after New York in 2018, with nearly 60 million domestic and international visitors? And it’s no wonder given the sheer number of different things to do in Chicago, from spending a day at some of its incredible museums and parks to watching a game of its great sports teams such as the Bulls or the White Sox. Or just wandering at its magnificent skyline full of skyscrapers. But the Windy City is so much more than a mecca for tourists. It is a place with a long and exciting history and fantastic entertainment options designed to satisfy even the pickiest of its 2.7 million residents.

Are you planning on getting married and having children sooner or later, but the place you currently live in doesn’t quite seem like an environment where kids could have a happy and healthy childhood, sheltered from all the noise and trouble of the grownup world? But now you came to the crucial issue and wonder what qualities should the best cities to raise a family in the US have. Before picking the spot to settle down, do your research and get a more profound insight into all the things families deem important like low crime rates, kid-friendly activities, quality educational institutions, and affordable housing.